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When can I arrive on site - 3 day ticket?

If you have bought a 3 day ticket the campsite and toilets will be open on Thursday 29th June at midday. The main festival arena will not be open until 7am Friday 30th June. There will be food available Thursday night and Friday morning.

When can i arrive on site - day ticket?

You can arrive on site from 10am on the day of your purchased ticket. You can stay the night of the day of your ticket but must be off site by 10am the following day. You will have access to the porta loos in the campsite but not the food traders. You will only be allowed into the arena with the correct wrist band for that day.

Are there are any rules regarding bottles / cans of alcohol at Folk in a Field? 
There is a ‘no glass policy’ on site as it is a grazing field and we cannot have livestock getting hurt. Please don't bring your own alcohol or glass bottles onto the event site. There will be a pub-priced bar on site with a large range of real ales, wines, ciders, lagers and soft drinks.

Do you provide any concessions for students? 
No, but students make very good stewards! 

Are BBQs allowed?

Due to advice from the Norfolk Fire Service, we do not allow charcoal BBQs or open fires in the campsite. This is because people think they are out, leave it to go back to the festival and the wind can either reignite or blow hot embers onto the grass. Gas camping stoves and gas BBQs however fine as once the gas is off, the fire is out. 

Can I marshal at the event?
We already have a list of regular marshals, however if you would like to apply to be a marshal. We expect 10 hours of work over the weekend and in return you will receive a free ticket and free camping. Duties will include car park supervision, checking wristbands, litter picking etc.

Can I bring my dog? 
Yes BUT your dog MUST be kept on a lead at all times. The Event insurance requires this. If a dog is causing distraction to performers or public, is aggressive, or you fail to clean up after your dog you will be asked to leave, or remove it from site. Every owner is responsible for their dog and Folk in a Field will not accept any responsibility for the wellbeing or care for any dog.

Is there seating? I am a pensioner and I can’t stand for long.
There is standing room in front of the main stage and seating room further back (bring your own chairs). The session tent has seating, there will be seating available at the Tea and Cake Tent, and available around the site. You are welcome to bring your own chairs as long as you are not obstructing other people's view. 

When and how can we sign up to play in the Session Tent? 
Performers can sign up in the Session Tent from 110am on the Friday.

Is there any disabled parking on site?
There will be disabled parking spaces available on the festival site and a disabled camping area. This is on a first come first serve basis. You will need to bring your blue badge with you when coming to site. Please note that the festival area is reasonably flat.  

What time do concert performances at Folk in a Field start and finish?
The festival arena opens at 7am on Friday 30th June and the music starts at midday. The festival closes at 6pm on the Sunday. 

There are a number of concerts taking place over the weekend. Approximate start & finish times for the main performances will be released on the day. Before any music starts and between acts, the craft and food stalls are always open, so look out for them.  

Can I bring my own food?

You can have your own food in the campsite but not on the main site. We have plenty of food trader son site and supporting them helps ensure the sustainability of the festival going forward 

Can I take photographs during the performances?
Flash photography is not allowed, except by staff and press. Permitted photography must be taken in such a way as to avoid any disruption or distraction for patrons or performers.

How far is the site from Swaffham?  
The festival site is a 10 minute car drive from Swaffham town centre. Check the map for directions but signs will be posted on the road once you’re getting close.

What time should we arrive?
Any time after 12 noon on Thursday to set up camp. The main arena doesn't open to the public until 7am on Friday. Music will start at midday on the Friday.

Is there parking alongside camping pitches? As we are bringing our dog we prefer this so he can be left in the vehicle if need be during the evening.
Unfortunately we can't allow cars to remain on the campsite, due to Fire Regulations and limited camping space. We allow cars on the campsite to unload and then we ask for them to be moved. Parking for campers is within the main festival site. Cars towing caravans can be left hitched.

Can we use our camper van? It appears that only tents and caravans are acceptable.
Yes! Campervans are fine. 

How about an awning?
Yes, no problem but you must till stay within the pitch boundary. 

When do we need to leave the camping site by?
The music will stop at around 6pm on Sunday and we would like all campers and caravans to have left the site by 10am Monday.

Will the line up change?

It is very rare that this occurs but should there be any changes to the line up on stage or activity wise, the website will be updated 

Is there first aid provision on site

Yes,  you can find the first aid team on the main event field, in the event of an emergency, please call 999 and use What 3 Words crinkled.bets.primed for the location 

How do I find the site?

Bradmoor Woods is situated just off of Narford Lane, approximately 13 minutes / 5.6 miles from Swaffham or 22 mins/12 miles from Kings Lynn. 

  • The easiest way is to approach from the North.

  • Leave the A47 at Pentney Caravan Park (postcode: PE32 1HU)

  • Follow this road for approximately 1.58 Miles and then turn right at the cross roads.

  • Follow this road (Wilson’s Drove) for 200m before turning right again onto the B1153

  • Follow the B1153 for approximately 300m before taking the right-hand spur road which is Narford Lane

  • Follow Narford Lane for 1.3km (4,522.53 ft)

  • The entrance to Bradmoor Woods is on the right, just after the road enters some woods.

The latitude and longitude of the site is: 52°42’01.8″N 0°35’49.6″E

Ticket Changes

Ticket changes can only be made up to midday on Monday 28th June


Anyone found on site without a valid ticket will be removed.

Still not found an answer to your question? Send us an email here 

Further details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

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