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Folk in a Field isn't just about great live music, there are plenty of other activities to get involved in over the weekend.  -


Willow Weaving

Have a go or just watch how it's done, weaving baskets, fences, crates and even dragonflies.

Wood Turning

Have a go at turning wood the old-fashioned way on a traditional lathe. 

Natural Herb Medicine Workshop


Foraging Talks 


Turn your hand to pottery to make something to remember.



Other demonstrations to be confirmed.

Fire Breathing

A spectacular performance for all to see just before the headline act on Saturday.

Activities/workshops and demonstrations  

For children activities click     

Bodhran Drum Workshop (free)
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Long Boat in the woods. Mog will share his years of experience and get you to grips with stick technique, rhythm and tempos.

Harmonica Workshop (free)
Get tips from the master. Either borrow one of his harps, bring your own or buy one for just £5. Liam will teach you the blues.

Singing Workshop (free)
Gather at the Boat Stage on Saturday and Sunday mornings for a singing experience conducted by Linds. The more the merrier. 

Ukulele Workshop (free)
Bring your own or borrow one here and strum, pick and noodle along as you are taught the fiddly, four stringed instrument.

Yoga (free)
Relax on Saturday and Sunday morning with an instructor led yoga class.

Axe Throwing
Hone your axe throwing skills and try and beat the festival's record.


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