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Little Folk 

Mud Kitchen (free)


Worm and grass pie or a mud and stick soufflé, whatever you can imagine, you can make it in our mud kitchen with oven, pots, pans and of course lots and lots of mud.  

Clay play

Hone your skills with Judi and her mountain of clay. Make pots, cups, monsters, funny faces…..anything you like.

Treasure Trail (free)

Find the hidden animals and mystical creatures in the correct order and follow their clues to find the Green Man. Once found you will be rewarded with treasure!


Hercules (free)

The giant rocking horse.

Punch and Judy Show (free)

Punch and Judy Shows for children and adults shown on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Circus Workshop (free) 

Hone your circus skills with Ruby Flames on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 

Walkabout Magical Festival Fairies 

They aren't shy but they can be difficult to catch. If you see one, say hello and take a picture as proof for your friends.

Walkabout Clowns

Be careful, Rollo and Tommy will be loose at the festival...who knows what mischief they will get up to.

Children's Magic and comedy show (free)

Join Rollo the Entertainer on Sunday morning for a fun filled show of giggles, silliness and magic.

Activities and games for all ages

Children's Storytelling (free)


Children arts and craft sessions 

dream catchers

talking sticks


jewellery making

badge making

bug homes

natural art


tin jewellery and more 

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