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Main Stage Schedule

Main Stage Schedule




8pm-  Folly Brothers

9:25pm – Buffo’s Wake

10:40pm – Mad Dog Mcrea




12pm - Christina Alden & Alex Patterson

12:35pm – Shakleton Trio

2:05pm – the Ajay Strivastav Band

3:15pm – Josh O’Keefe

4:15pm- Merry Hell

5:35pm- Dove and Boweevil

6:45pm- José Mcgill & The Vagaband

7:50pm- Flook

9:15pm- The Leylines

10:15 – Fire show

10:45pm- Skinny Lister




11am- Chad Mason

11:45am- The Ballard Bootleggers

12:25pm – The Magpies

1:30pm- Willowspin – Ceilidh

2:50pm- Mishra

4pm- The Jigantics

5pm – Anto Morra

5:45pm- LongShoreDrift

6:25pm That’s all folks

Please note that sometimes, timings may change


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